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People are the most important "asset" in the world.  Period.  Whenever CPAs prepare tax returns or financial statements, we cannot lose sight of the all-important fact that there is a person behind the numbers - and that person and his/ her goals matter.  A business is never just a business:  it's owners, employees, investors - people.  It always, always comes down to people.  And people are important. 

Your business is more than your job; it's your calling, an expression of who you are and the values you pour into it each day.  Financial statements are not just numbers on a page.  When owners - investors, lenders, et al - read the financial statements, they're looking for the story of the business and how it's performing:  are the ideas and processes working?  Is it growing?  Is it strong and viable?  Are tax returns accurate?  Could better planning have minimized a tax burden?  Are my personal plans going to be waylaid by an unexpected tax consequence of what looked like a "good deal"?  Our goal as a CPA firm is to help clients gain a better understanding of the numbers - what they mean, how to control them, how to change them.  Through careful, thoughtful attention and analysis, we help business owners and individuals recognize their opportunities and realize the benefits of a more thorough approach to and understanding of financial indicators. Together, we can move toward greater things.

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"If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else."

- Yogi Berra


We all know that there are regulatory and legal guidelines for running a business, but CPAs can do so much more than filing tax returns or getting financials together for lenders.  Take a look at some of the services offered.

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Your CPA should be more than someone you see or talk to once per year at tax time.  Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to help you grow?  To help you see opportunities?  But most of all, wouldn't it be great to have a relationship with someone who is just as committed to seeing you and/or your business succeed as you are?  Take a look at our staff.  Perhaps our firm is who you're looking for.

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We can't always meet face-to-face.  Sometimes, you're at your desk or out on a job site and we're not there.   Sometimes, you're on vacation halfway across the country when a signature is needed for a tax return.  How can we work together?  We've compiled a list of tools that we use to help you, even if you're not sitting across the desk from us.  See the complete list of helpful links here.

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