"The companies we admire are like the people we admire: resilient, authentic, personable, collaborative, ambitious and humble."

- Chip Conley


Who We Are


Wendy Stepp Wray CPA


Education:  Master of Accountancy, University of South Carolina

Background:  20+ years in private industry, controller for a multi-million dollar corporate group before becoming a CPA.  Licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Passion:  Helping people succeed.  Sometimes life is just hard and/or complicated.  Tax and accounting are not something that people should have to "muddle through" and hope it's right.  That's why we're here.  We do what we do so that you can do what you do - better.

Wendy is from Gaffney, South Carolina and her extended family is originally from the Hendersonville area.  She enjoys reading and knitting (including dyeing yarns herself).  She and her husband Bas have two grown children and one grandson.

Email:  wendy@wswray.com


Mikayla Whitaker

Office Manager

Mikayla grew up in Hendersonville and is a 2014 graduate of West Henderson High School.  She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting through online studies at Gardner-Webb University in May, 2018. When she’s not in the office, she may be enjoying spending time with her husband, visiting with her family, laying in the sun or baking.

Email:  mikayla@wswray.com

What We Do

Please take a look at our Services page for descriptions of the type of work we do.  Most importantly, though, know that we're here to help you.  Every relationship is important.  Every client is important. 

When We're Open

Our normal office hours are 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday at our Hendersonville, NC office.  However, we know that sometimes that just doesn't work for our clients.  We're available after hours by appointment.

Where We Practice

We know your time is valuable and we want to make working with us as hassle-free as possible.  To that end, we have a few options for meeting with you:

Our home office is located at 714 Oakland St, Hendersonville, NC. 

Wendy lives in Gaffney, SC (about an hour south of Charlotte, NC and an hour north of Greenville, SC on the I-85 corridor), making it simple to visit clients along I-85.

We are a member of BizHub at 407 N. Lafayette St., Shelby, NC.  BizHub is a co-working space with conference areas, offices and a private training room.  It's a great place to meet our clients in Cleveland County area.

Of course, we're happy to come to you.  Just give us a call to set up an appointment.

Why Choose Us

We want to take care of our clients.  It's really that simple.  

We live in an electronic age where life seems to move just a bit too fast sometimes.  Googling an explanation for a tax law doesn't always give you the comfort of sitting down with someone and getting a face-to-face explanation.  Entering your tax information electronically may be super convenient, but sometimes you want to pick up the phone and get a real, live person to clarify what you're supposed to do and why it matters.  Accounting can be the same way.  If you're a business and your bookkeeper doesn't know how to record that truck you purchased or QuickBooks isn't turning out a report with the details you need, wouldn't it be great to know that you have someone you can call?  We care about our clients and want to see them succeed.  Put us to work.  It's what we do.

How We Work With You

Of course, we'll be happy to come to your office and work with you.  However, sometimes that's just not possible.  You may need a CPA with a little more flexibility that won't take up desk space in your office.  With the technological advances of the last few years (and more seeming to pop-up daily), off-site work is easily accomplished.  We use: 

  • TeamViewer secure software to log in to client systems remotely (at times that are convenient for your business) to perform the tasks we need to do.

  • Citrix ShareFile secure file sharing for document exchange and management.

  • DocuSign e-signature software so that you can securely sign important documents.

  • FedEx for any paper files you may need to send us (charged to our account) or paper files you may wish to get in return.

  • Electronic forms - get a tax organizer uploaded to the portal rather than a paper copy, e-sign documents, etc.

An important note: We know that some people don’t have a comfort level with all of the e-tools available. We are committed to data security and protecting your sensitive personal information. All of the third party applications we use have top-notch security using the latest technologies available. Within our organization, we use two-factor authentication (2FA) on all of our machines and our cloud applications. 2FA uses something you know (a password) and something you have (a token or phone). When someone tries to login to our system, even if they’ve been able to steal passwords, if they do not have one of the approved phone numbers on our list, they cannot receive the code that will allow them entrance into our network. It’s just another way that we do our best to take care of our clients.