As accounting professionals, we are passionate about organization. We like the details and we like to keep them in order. Todoist is an app that we use daily to help us in that venture (or adventure, depending on how you look at it!). This app is available for download FREE for limited use, is super easy to use and syncs across devices so you’re never out of touch with what you need to do. If you decide that you’d rather have a more feature-rich experience, it’s only about $30 per year so it won’t blow your budget.

The app also allows us to share our templates with our clients. Below, you’ll find links to download our templates to your Todoist that will help you stay on top of accounting/tax tasks. Of course, we’re always here for you! Call us if you need us. These lists are just to guide you along when you need a little extra help.

Ready to get started?

  • Establish a Todoist Account

  • Download the app to you phone or use the online page

  • Download any of the templates below

  • Start working

It’s really that simple. Todoist is one of the best “to-do lists” we’ve ever used. It features an extremely simple “check the box” list format. It’s easy to add or delete projects or tasks. We highly recommend it.

With any of the templates below, click the button, sign in to Todoist and your template will appear on your list.

Monthly Accounting

If you’re confused about what you need to do each month with your accounting, we have a Todoist template for that! This list will get you started with standard items that need to be addressed each month. Please note that this template is set to recur every month on the 10th so you only need to download it once.

Business Tax Return Info Needed

This list details the types of information your CPA needs in order to prepare your tax returns. This is an extensive list but not an exhaustive list - that would be impossible. Expect questions for clarification, but this list will start you well on your way . Please remember that Partnership/LLC/S Corp returns are due March 15th.